Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013


sorry i could only post a blog now. I am very busy.
and in Indonesia there has been flooding. very sad. I hope in Indonesia was not a disaster like this again.

                                                                  Cotton On crop top
                                                                      Line  jegging
                                                                 Gowigasa spike cap
                                                            Sell thing shop  creme clogs

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  1. it is sad that Jakarta was flooding in January, I donated some of my unused clothes for the victims last month. But the look is still so stunning!
    this year i am starting a new blogging project called Bandung Cross outlet, where i am going to visit an outlet once a week and write about it. FYI this week I published a post "a peek to Tosavica". hope you may take a peek on my blog :
    I'll be glad if you may follow my blog just like I have followed yours.